Q: Are you products Organic?

We use organic ingredients whenever possible as it is not always possible to source every botanical ingredients as organic. For this reason, all our products contain both natural and organic ingredients. As all our products contain a range of organic ingredients, they can be marketed as "organic".

Q: Are you products certified Organic?

Our products are not certified organic as the certification is extremely expensive and we do not want to raise our price to reflect this.  If you wish to certify your product and brand as "certified organic" you can certainly do so at your own expense.  

Q: Are you products are Halal certified?

Our products can be suitable as "Halal", but we have not certified them as Halal as the certification process is extremely expensive.  If you wish to certificy your product and brand as "Halal Certified" with various Halal organisations you can certainly do so at your own expense. 

Q: Are your products Vegan?

Yes.  We do not use animal by-products ingredients in our product.  

Q: Are your products certified as animal cruelty-free?

We oppose to animal testing; we test the products on ourselves or wonderful volunteer people.  Also, we only work with suppliers that share our values and beliefs on this subject.  Also, having our products to be certified as animal cruelty-free is extremely expensive process, if so, this will have to be reflected on our price.  However, if you wish to have your brand and products certified as animal cruelty-free with various organisations, you can certainly do so at your own expense. 

Q. Can I purchase your products in bulk?

You can purchase our products in bulk. The MOQ is 10kg per product and the delivery timeline is 40 working days.

Q. Do you offer containers for your product?

No.  You will need to send us your own favourite containers. Please read more information on "Your Own Container".