Over many years of experience working with many clients we do know that creating a brand can be a tedious and daunting task.  For this reason, we have always tried to improve the way we work so that the task of creating a brand would be a most positive and enjoyable experience for our clients.  

Here are the simple steps on how it works: 

1) APPLY FOR A TRADE ACCOUNT - The pricing and purchasing our products are not available to the public.  They are available to clients that have an established business as we provide "Business-to-Business" service.  

  • If you have an established business you will need to register with our website as an application for a Trade Account.  
  • Once we have reviewed and verified the information on your Registration, we will give you access to our website and send you an email confirmation.

2) Choose Your Product Volume 

Each of our product is offered in different volumes for you to choose from (for example, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, etc) .  This will give you the flexibility you need to offer your brand product in volumes that are suitable to your budget and market.    

3) Send Us Your Own Cosmetic Containers 

Shop for your favourite cosmetic containers accordign to your preferred style, shape, and material (e.g. jar, bottle) and have them sent to us.  You should be able to find a lot of supplier of cosmetic containers in the UK and Europe that offer a variety of cosmetic containers with low MOQ.  We have found some of them and the list can be found in Your Own Container sectionb of this website.

4) Send US Your Logo And Image Artworks For Designing Your Label

As part of branding, you will need to have labels with your logo and other required product information designed and printed for your brand.  All you need to provide to us is your logo and the Artworks of your choice which can be purchased from any Image Stock website (for example, istockphoto).  We will then work with you to create an eye-catching design for your brand.  You do not need to pay extra for this service, it is included in our price!

Please note -  the labelling technology that we work with is to create non-metallic finish labels, which is the most popular.   If you require metallic labels for your brand (for example, shiny logo, etc), you will need to source your own supplier, if so, this will not affect our price i.e. our price will not be reduced.

5) We Prepare, Fill-in and Package Your Product. 

You do not need to pay extra for filling and packaging your product, this service is included in our price!

6) Register Your Brand with EU Portal

This may be a tedious work for our clients, for this reason we have established an in-house expertise for Compliance Management.  You can purchase this service from our website. 

Start Selling!